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Spot Location

Fylla is a picturesque mountain village located in a valley just 10min. from Chalkida, which is the capital city of Euboea. The location is full of vineyards and fruit trees. In addition, the village has many ancient monuments, including an old castle and is standing on the top of a hill, named Kasteli. The best way to discover the beauties of the area, is to participate in one of the many organized mountain biking tours, that take place by local biking clubs. The Fylla Village Trail is approx. 30km long and it usually requires up to six hours of biking, in order for its distance to be covered. The trail is ideal for bikers of all skill levels and the best period one should visit this spot is from March till late October.

We advise you to check regularly our ‘Schools / Clubs’ section, in order to get in contact with nearby mountain biking clubs, that will accompany you safely, while practicing this activity. We also suggest that you visit our ‘Equipment Shops’ section, in order to to locate nearby shops that will provide you with the necessary technical equipment. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to visit our ‘Accommodation’ section, for nearby accommodation arrangements.

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