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Spot Location
Ski Center Info

Vasilitsa ski center is located in the northwestern part of Grevena prefecture, at a distance of 42 km away from the prefecture’s capital, in the heart of Pindos mountain chain, at an elevation ranging from 1646m to 2115m. The centre is consisted of two parts: the top and bottom. The top is the oldest one, with four lifts, a baby and various other facilities. The lower one, which operated for first time in 1994, has the longest slopes and brand new lifts.

Center facilities:

▪ Slopes – 19 downhill runs

▪ Lifts: - 2 (aerial), 5 (sliding)

Vasilitsa Ski Center map

Vasilitsa ski center features 7 lifts, in total, a triple-seat chair-lift, a double-seat chair-lift, 3 ski-lifts and 2 baby-lifts.

We advise you to check regularly our ‘Schools / Clubs’ section, in order to get in contact with nearby qualified instructors, that will introduce you safely to skiing and snowboarding. We also suggest that you visit our ‘Equipment Shops’ section, in order to to locate nearby shops that will provide you with the necessary technical equipment. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to visit our ‘Accommodation’ section, for nearby accommodation arrangements.

Live updates concerning the operation of the resort, apart from the Official Center website, can also be found on the following links:

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