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Spot Location

Nissaki Wall is a spectacular diving spot and an endless source of inspiration for underwater photographers. Your dive begins with a plateau at a depth of about 5m and then the wall suddenly drops to a depth of approximately 32m, where a small wreck is lying. As you explore the wall, you’ll notice holes filled with shrimp and brightly coloured cardinal fish, purple sea urchins and bright red and yellow sponges. Advanced divers get some special treats nearby: along the wall to the south; a pair of WWII aircraft lie partly buried in the sand, and to the east, about 200 meters away, an 80-meter ferry boat wreck lies in state at depths between 42 and 48 meters.

Scuba diving requires specific equipment and techniques that must be adapted to the natural environment. For this reason it is strongly advised that you check regularly our ‘Schools / Clubs’ section, in order to get in contact with nearby qualified instructors, that will introduce you safely to this unique activity. Although, scuba diving schools will provide you with all necessary technical equipment, we encourage you to visit our ‘Equipment Shops’ section, in order to choose your technical apparel. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to visit our ‘Accommodation’ section, for nearby accommodation arrangements.

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