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Spot Location

Thor Star wreck, which was a cargo ship built in 1965, lies on the sandy bottom of the sea, on the southeast side of the island. The ship was abandoned in Pserimos in 1997 and probably sunk due to bad weather conditions. It is in a depth of approximately 30m and it is in good condition, that’s why it is a very popular diving destination. The spot features an outstanding variety in marine life and excellent visibility conditions and is suitable for both novice and more experienced divers.

Scuba diving requires specific equipment and techniques that must be adapted to the natural environment. For this reason it is strongly advised that you check regularly our ‘Schools / Clubs’ section, in order to get in contact with nearby qualified instructors, that will introduce you safely to this unique activity. Although, scuba diving schools will provide you with all necessary technical equipment, we encourage you to visit our ‘Equipment Shops’ section, in order to choose your technical apparel. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to visit our ‘Accommodation’ section, for nearby accommodation arrangements.

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